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Online Social Profile at purikawaii.com

At Puri Kawaii we have our own social sharing network.   Here you can customise your profile page with:

- Profile Picture (320 x 320 px is recommended)

- Wallpaper (1346 x 240 px is recommended)

- Popular Social Media Network Links (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Youtube)

- About Us (Tell your audience about yourself)

Puri Kawaii Profile Page

Click on the "Cog" to enter your profile settings.


My Profile - Brings you to your main Purikura Profile page
Login Details - Change your email and password
My Photobooth - Enter your personal details in the screenshot below 

My Profile

Following / Followers

Follow your favorite user profiles or see who is following you.  See many of the beautiful Kawaii creations across the community.  

Following Followers

Click on your "Following" or "Followers" to see the list of users you follow or users that follow you.


As you browse through the gallery, if you like a user profile, click on the follow button.

How to Follow 


My Photos / Loved Photos

 Your uploaded photos from our Purikura Mobile App will appear on your Purikura profile.  You can remove photos in this section if you dont want it to appear on your profile.

 My Photos

 On your "Loved Photos" tab, you'll see your collection of the user's photos you've loved.  Use it as inspiration to make more of your own. ^_^

Loved Photos


To post to our online Purikura social platform, you'll need to register or login if you already have an account.

Press on the top right to sign up or login

Mobile Login Icon

Then register or Sign In

Mobile Login 

After log in and you finished decorating your photo, press "POST" to post to your online Purikura profile.


Sharing through popular third party apps


Share with so many popular third party apps such as:

- Facebook
- Messenger
- Whatsapp
- Instagram
- Wechat
- Gmail
- Dropbox
- Onedrive

and many more

Saving locally

Save Local

Save it to your personal album for memories or to share it in the future.