1) Click on the + photo button to take a selfie/photo or choose from your photo gallery

 Add Photo


Choose from photo gallery

Take a picture - Take a selfie or photos of your friends and family.

Take a picture

Choose from a Photo Library - Choose from your existing photos.  (Note:  Portrait photos work best)

Choose a photo

2) Design Tools - Photo Editing Tools

Select from many of the inbuilt photo editing tools to make your photos even more Kawaii. 

Photo Editing Tools

3) Frame and Sticker Set - Decorate your photos with our very own Kawaii Deco Artwork.  

Kawaii Deco Sticker Set

Deco Sticker Set

Kawaii Deco Frame Set

Deco Frame Set

Our Kawaii Deco Frames and Stickers will keep on growing.  We'll annouce when any new frames/stickers that are introduced ^_^


** Double tap the screen to undo a frame or sticker